How to Start the Expungement Process

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One mistake shouldn't affect the rest of your life. An expungement attorney can help you get a past conviction cleared from your record. Federman & Associates knows how to guide residents in Lincolnwood and Chicago Heights, IL through the expungement process. We'll ensure you qualify for expungement and petition for a clean record for you.

Don't let your past ruin your future. The expungement process can open doors for you again. Call 312-829-8898 for more information on expungement qualifications in Lincolnwood, Chicago Heights, and the greater Chicagoland, IL community

How the expungement process works

Filing for expungement doesn't have to be complicated. Make the process easier by hiring an expungement attorney. Here's how we handle expungement cases:

  • First, we review the details of the conviction
  • Then, we determine the likelihood of expungement
  • Next, we complete the necessary paperwork and filing
  • Finally, we appear in court with you

The rest is up to the judge, but your chances are better with an attorney by your side.